Bonumic is an AI development and research project based in Croatia. Our mission is to advance the real estate industry by leveraging artificial intelligence.

The Challenge

Real estate is one of the slowest industries in adopting modern technology. It's weakest point is lack of structured data, research and basic knowledge funding to make the next leap.

Large companies build advance technologies, create data and knowledge silos within their organizations to which we can't contribute and don't have the access.

Real Estate Today

With over $219 trillion in market size, real estate is the world's largest asset class. Over many decades we built repetitive and redundant processes across all verticals in the property business.

With the right vision and talent in place, we can move the needle.

Our Goals

Our goal is to increase the basic research funding of knowledge in real estate AI and share our findings with the wider audience.

This project is co-funded by the European Union and both real estate professionals and scientists in the field of AI are welcome to contribute to the project with their ideas and knowledge.

The Mission

Our mission is to improve the way we build, operate and trade real estate assets by harnessing the power of deep learning and artificial intelligence.

We are determined to organize, structure and utilize the worlds real estate data in a meaningful way, enable an open-source and transparent access to research and ensure a safe path to advanced artificial intelligence in the real estate industry.

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